A dark elf ranger whos forsaken his family ties and found refuge and new work in the Town of New Haven


Level: 3
Class: Ranger
Race: Drow
Favored Weapon: Long bow
Favored Armor: Hide


Not much is known about Victorsol before the prison camps. Finding himself locked away and forced into hard physical labor day in and day out he found some solstice in the friendship of a halfling thief named Rune. Forging together a bound that would last for quite sometime. Upon their release Victor and his companion were hired to retrieve a stolen item for the local mages guild. All that he or his friend can recall is blackness and awaking to a whole new world drastically changed from what they knew before.

Somehow Victor has found his way into the town of New Haven. A small community forged by refugess from a far away sorcer-kings land. In a world he knows very little about he is tempting to make sense of everything that is happening. Perhaps in time Victor may remember who he is or where he comes from. Though a past forgotten is usually best left in the dark.


Rune – A halfling rogue that has been a very close friend to Victor for quite sometime.

Anika Berlyn – One of the wealthiest land owners in New Haven. She has taken a close fondness to Victor due to his “exotic” state. Dark elves being very very rare in Trigaren itself.


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